Has your life taken an unexpected sidestep? Have you encountered a life hump which no-one gave you the instruction booklet for? Are you a budding entrepreneur who is on the edge of daring to be great but life keeps getting in the way? 

Then Did You Get the Memo? is a must read! Yemi introduces and challenges, the notion on how life is to be lived. This sacred memo that most of us have bought into without questioning!



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Did you get the memo?

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Yemi is an Engipreneur (someone who makes sh*t happen). She is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and an Entrepreneur by love. Yemi is the founder of an Australian-based Management Consulting firm, Founder of W Squared Coaching – a global platform created to Empower others and the owner operator of F45 Training Brixton; a place where everyone is ‘seen’ and ‘included’. Over the years she has worked on some of the biggest infrastructure projects and in more recent years has shifted her focus to guiding others and organisations on transforming their mindsets to produce superior results on all counts.

Yemi is a producer of her podcast series also titled 'Did You Get the Memo?' and can be streamed on iTunes, Spotify and the Web.  

In this book Yemi shares her story of deviating from the memo by having her first child out of wedlock and ending up a single parent at 25 years old, homeless seeking housing from the government. Through the book she talks about the 'shoulds' and 'should nots' exposing how this can strangle our journey to greatness. 

At the end of each chapter Yemi looks to inspire and empower you to take 100% responsibility of your life, settling for nothing but the best. Yemi has undergone training with the best out there including Marie Forleo, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Kari Samuels, Andrew Bryce and life itself.  

Yemi is true to form as the ‘girl next door’ living her best life and being badass in the process. In her unique, qwerky way she brings you along the way DARING you to be great.

Yemi has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Guardian, Entrepreneur.com, Dynamic Business, M2 Woman The Sun, Australia News, Pleasures Magazine Nigeria, Refinery29, Pride Magazine, The Mirror, New Zealand Construction and more. She is on a mission to share the magic she has found.  

The book invites all readers to join in the conversation and the #dygtm movement, giving them the opportunity to share their stories and feature in later books that focus on topics of the world providing comfort, relief, laughs and life lessons to all.