We all deserve to be Liberated

Now is a good time to break free from barriers holding you back. The Liberate Virtual Program is designed to help you become the author of your story and the Creative of your Muriel.

This 8-session program will help you:

  • Unsee the box you have been trying to think outside of
  • Techniques for building resilience to manage uncertainty
  • Strategies for unlocking creativity and innovation
  • Methods for fostering a growth mindset
  • The courage to do the damn thing
  • Practical tools for achieving your goals
  • Remembering who the fuck you are
Take the Course

Have direct access to Yemi Penn and her expertise over 8 sessions for$399.99 (USD)

Over 8 sessions, Yemi will guide you through a theoretical, experiential and integrative process to remembering who you are by unpacking your blocks, empowering you to heal them, setting goals, achieving them and much more.

  • Gain insights and strategies to navigate life's challenges and achieve your goals
  • Learn from experienced experts who are invested in your success
  • Connect with community for encouragement and collaboration
  • Navigate difficult conversations with grace, kindness and boundaries
  • Develop resilience, emotional intelligence, courage, and a growth mindset
  • Learn to call someone 'in' as opposed to 'out'
  • Practice holding space for you and others
  • Navigate, survive and thrive in deep uncertainty

It’s not easy to unsee the box

You can have the greatest teachers in the world but unless you remember the teacher in you, liberation is likely to be an after thought. Relying on status quo is dangerous, because it is linear, when most of our desires and realisations are in the art of non linearity. The good news is, 'unseeing' the box is possible - I would love to be your guide in the process.

And the Curious Rebel is here to challenge it. Let’s get you Liberated.

In just 8-sessions, I’ll be your Liberation guide who will walk you through a diverse process of remembering, being and therefore achieving. With an open mindset and experienced guidance, you’ll start seeing big changes in your life by session 1—true story!

YES—I want to be liberated!


Hi I’m Yemi,

and I'll be your Liberate Guide.

I’ve been in the business of people for a long while and have done this through different mediums and industries. I know through personal experience and research that living a fully expressive, successful and joyful life requires liberation. Liberation from the version of you that you had to create to survive. In this program we get to explore a near future version of you that is free to be, do and have anything. My work has positively impacted thousands of people across various industries and walks of life.

I have lived a life that would make you question my years and terrestrialness. The truth is that as I liberate myself daily from status quo, I bend reality and defy time as we know it.

Let’s get to it my friend.

Launching 8th September 2024

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“We know how hard it is to balance sharing your story with authenticity whilst manning safety for yourself and others. You tap danced on that tight rope with bravery and grace”


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Your work is potent and transformative. I haven't ever encountered a speaker who can connect and transform in the way you did. Transformation is a word that is thrown around a lot these days but here I do not use it lightly, you are transformational Yemi”


Join the village

For $399.99 you’ll learn how to liberate yourself by sitting with discomfort for growth and reconnecting with JOY

This program is for you if:

  • You are reading this
  • You're tired of taking on work that doesn’t inspire you
  • You can't name your block but you feel it
  • You know you are capable of more
  • You want to remember
  • You have big shit to do in the world


What is the schedule?

This is a virtual course where you will get live access to Yemi Penn. It’s easy to sign up and you will get full access to the course portal, which will include all resources and recordings of the live sessions. The program launch date will be Sunday 8th of September across multiple time zones with following sessions taking place every 3 weeks.

What happens if I can't make all the live sessions?

Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the course portal for a six months after the program ends you can re-watch each virtual session as many times as you like within that time with a few bonus offerings including first refusal to an in person retreat in Australia, U.K and America.

I’ve done so much personal development work, will this program still be helpful?

Absolutely! There is a potency and level of grace Yemi embodies that no other guide has (you can take that to the bank). With Yemi's experience, research, rebellious curiousness and an investment to seeing you liberated, one thing’s for certain, whatever goal you set at the start of the Liberate program, you will have achieved it by the end of it.

Can I pay as part of a payment plan

You sure can! we can offer you an initial payment of $250 USD and a second payment of $250 after the initial payment. Email yemi@yemipenn.com to request this option.


The Liberate Program is a comprehensive eight session journey designed to help individuals in community work through life and professional challenges, fostering growth, resilience, and empowerment. Each session combines access to Yemi live, reflective worksheets to support ongoing rememberings, and integrative tools to address key aspects of self development and healing


Awaken Liminal Thinking

Explore the power of beliefs and assumptions to unlock innovative thinking.


Exploring Trauma Theory

Understand and process the impact of past experiences on present behaviour


Embracing Trauma Informed Principles

Create emotionally safe environments to build trust and foster healing and repair


Cultivating Somatic Embodiment

Enhance mind-body awareness and practice grounding techniques


Nurturing Resilience Blueprint

Develop a personalised resilience plan with actionable self-care steps


Tapping into Intergenerational Wisdom

Integrate ancestral knowledge for deeper identity and purpose


Embodying Dance Liberation

Use expressive movement for stress relief and self expression


Elevating Spirit through Stillness

Cultivate inner peace and focus with mindfulness practices

Let’s do this

Are you ready to be Liberated?